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You guys are lucky to have gone this long being in ignorant bliss. I went to my first audio show as a teenager in 1977. It's been all downhill from there - I've spent my entire adult life buying the gear I could afford and knowing that it was nowhere near as good as it gets! Thank goodness for all you guys that are willing to bring great gear to meets so the rest of us can enjoy it!! smily_headphones1.gif
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Hey y'all, I've got much more to say later  But I just got home, and am totally beat, so I'll just mention a few things for now.


Ethan and I want to thank everybody for coming!  Seriously.  Here's a little secret that every meet organizer knows:  it's you guys that make the meet what it is, not us.  So seriously, thanks to everyone (Head-Fiers, volunteers, exhibitors, guests, noobs, everybody) for coming!  :smile:



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I want to express a HUGE amount of gratitude to Warren who worked tirelessly for weeks on end and had many sleepless nights (literally) to help me pull this event off. Thank you Warren!


Aww shucks bro, you had me at "hello, it's time to do another meet."  I've said so before and I'll say it again, right back atcha!  :smile:



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YES, just say when and where!  Can't wait to try all those new ideas we've thought up already!  :smile: 

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Thank you to Warren, Ethan, and all the other members who made this epic meet possible!  What an incredible turn out.


And of course, thank you to Alex @ WyWires!  I was the lucky, shocked bastard who won the $1,000 gift certificate.  Your Audeze balanced cable looks and sounds just fantastic.


want want want 

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I got just the right tablet to feed it too. ;)

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@purrin, I wanna hear more about that EC 4-45 on your table! Is that the Levi or is the Levi something completely different?
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Just in case anyone is trying to remember who was where...



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@purrin, I wanna hear more about that EC 4-45 on your table! Is that the Levi or is the Levi something completely different?

Levi is something different. The 4-45 is a fork off the original Levi project and the new BA. But the original Levi can't be made anymore because of no transformers (Tango is gone), so additional development work is in progress to find suitable replacements. I think the Levi project is now called the "Titan", because the 4-45 was called the "god" amp, and only titans can beat up on gods. Ask Anax about the Levi / Titan project. One of these days I'll illustrate a diagram to describe the development forks. Bah, I'll do it right now since this gets asked a lot.


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Originally Posted by Jon L View Post


Wish I could have been there this year.  

This amp looks right up my alley.  One of Frank Cooter's beauties?

Yeah I believe it was one of Frank Cooter's.

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That's how I felt

So happy with my recabled 600s and new amp/DAC and then you hear the stuff at the meet...

Even my JH11s which I thought I'd be happy with for ages, demoed the higher end ciems and now here I am, ordered 16s

Curse you headfi!

Edit: looking into a new portable stack setup now too. Oh dear


I was able to not buy anything at the meet. sure I heard stuff that was better than mine, but it was not like I was completely blown away by the top end rigs so much so that i had to have it and couldn't live with my current setup. I might wanna get some he-500's or he-400i's when they come out, but I have been thinking about that upgrade for quite a while now. I still think my dacport lx -> reciever -> dt880's sounds good.
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Originally Posted by Insidious Meme View Post

Ah, and two words: Fiio guy.

Originally Posted by Edwood View Post

It was actually the Tek FX Guy, they carry mainly FiiO gear.    And.... um...yeah.... Just wow.

That guy was an unexpected comedic break for me. I was too fascinated watching him to have the wherewithal to snap a quick clip of those magic moments.

The face that the PlusSound woman made in reaction to his behavior pretty much said it all.
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Originally Posted by Kamakahah View Post

The face that the PlusSound woman made


Pics or it didn't happen  :D

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I missed the Tek FX guy...what happened?

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Story I heard was he ran out of stickers then he was missing after lunch so his sticker wasn't needed for the raffle.

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I guess it's my turn.  It was fun to once again share my Crack+Speedball with those interested... though I parked it on OJNeg's table and ditched it otherwise, so I didn't get to really chat with folks about it.  Thanks OJNeg for hosting it...


I was interested in listening to my HE-500 balanced (since I modded the cable about a month ago) and had a number of amps to plug into... so that was cool.


I was finally able to do a personal shoot out amongst the Audeze lineup.  Summary for me: LCD-3 > LCD-X > LCD-XC >> LCD-2 > HD650 (the last being a reference point).  The difference between the LCD-3 and LCD-X was slight, but noticeable for me going down to the LCD-2... but the LCD-3 was the clear winner in my listening in terms of sound signature and clarity.  That said, the LCD-XC is my new favorite full-sized closed headphone.  I'd *love* to have either the LCD-3 or the LCD-XC ... I wouldn't love to spend $1556 (LCD-3 with 20% discount) or $1349.25 (LCD-XC with 25% discount) to get 'em... but I have to admit, those discounts are tempting.


Speaking of closed headphones... stopped by with the UE folks again.  Love them... they're great folks and I love my UERMs.  Their guy Bryce cleaned 'em and I had a nice chat with Mike.  Definitely love my UERMs and also the UE18.  Stopped by and listened to the Noble stuff... listened to the Noble 4C... it was decent, but didn't wow me.  Then I listened to the Kaiser 10 and *man* that's a nice in-ear.  Great sound, great detail, great range.  Also visited the JH Audio guys to check out the JH13 and the Roxanne.  The latter was decent, but there was something about the sound that didn't really impress me.  I'd be perfectly happy with the JH13, though.  I won't give a comparison other than to say that the UERM, UE18, Kaiser 10 and JH13 are all awesome, and I feel lucky to have one of 'em.


Stopped by pretty much all of the vendors... raffle stickers or not.  Thought the Nuforce demo on their amp faking balanced with two amps was a bit odd.  Was impressed with Darin Fong's software... liked it for music, loved it for movies.


Didn't have any takers for my DT880/600 or my Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB cable... PM me if you're interested in either...


Other than that, just had fun listening to stuff, chatting with folks and generally being a kid in a candy store.  Thanks to everyone for being awesome!

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Originally Posted by skinnygamer12 View Post

This was my first meet and I loved it! Thank you everyone who helped put this together.
That big wooden amp from Exit Level Audio sounded great with the HD 800s. The new Schiit Ragnarok was also very impressive. The Abyss cans sounded great but I just couldn't get over the comfort (or lack thereof) and not worth the asking price IMO. The LCD-XC was great, still don't know how they got that kind of sound out of a closed back design. Had a great time at the JH Audio table.

Oh and big thanks to Headamp for forever ruining my headphone enjoyment with the Blue Hawaii and Stax SR-009 combo :P I have a new life goal of owning this setup! That was absolutely unbelievable!
I'll try to post a few pics tomorrow.
Once again thank you everyone, this was a great day. Lots of friendly people and some awesome gear


The same thing happened to me at the Atlanta meet last year. Forever changing my expectation for the reproduction of music. :(

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