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I got the purple one….between that or blue, orange looked good too.  None looked as good as the AK240 though.

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Thanks for the pics! 

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Warren goes looking for the "M", "C" & "A"...
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Alright here is what I thought of the some of the setups in the headfi meet, or those that I remember but first I want to thank everyone that attended, all the vendors that showed up and especially everyone that helped organize such an amazing meet. 
Ok so first the disclaimer.  As always these are my opinions...yada yada yada.  
Ok so because I came in a bit late I didn't get that much time to try everything but lets start with Greeds setup.  First of all that Stephen audio art cable is beautiful but what really caught my ears was the krell ksa clone. I plan on making one myself so I jumped at the opportunity to listen to it and I can say right now that I am more excited than ever to build this amp. Hopefully it will sound as good with my lcd3's as it did with his hd800s.  
There where a lot of CIEMs to try out but I really think that the star of the show was the Roxanne.  Of course I won't know exactly how each sound like unless I get each of them fit to my ear, but I have to say that out of all the universals I thought that it sounded the best.  Also the carbon fiber look is ridiculous...in a good way.  
The setup that I honestly I was the most supprised by and delighted by was the new 2A3 MkII from Eddie Current.  That thing sang.  If I had the money on me at the show I would have instantly bought one from him without thinking about it.  I have never hear the LCD2's sound better.  The soundstage was huge (well comparatively to any other lcd2 setup). 
I think that the only other setup that I really remember is the Ragnorak.  Schiit has been working on this thing for a while now and I can see why.  They wanted to get it perfect.  Now there is no such thing as a perfect amp but this thing was amazing.  I hooked the LCD3's up to it(because that is the headphone I know best) and everything just lit up.  Everything was so clear and the base was insanely punchy while still being very very tight.  I am really looking forward to them releasing it soon. They said early next month but you never really know. 
Again thank you to everyone that made that meet so wonderful. I was sad I couldn't bring anything of my own to share but I still had a ton of fun.  
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I enjoyed the meet and being able to listen to some amazing setups.  I was able to hear some AKG K1000s for the first time which was fun, thank you to whoever it was that let me try their pair.  I was impressed by the Fostex TH900 (I think that's the name of it?).  Many of the headphones were my first listens, since I'm a newbie.  I still haven't heard any Denons in person yet, I didn't really see any around.  Someday I'll try some.  Dianna Krall was amazing on a Stax-009 setup that I heard.  I don't use IEMs, but I was impressed by a pair I tried from Noble, I think they were a Noble 5, or it had "5" in the product name, their product description noted more bass and a warm tone, and I enjoyed listening to them. I personally don't like the reference "tone" as much as something like the HD 650s warm, round, rolled off sound.   I enjoyed meeting some people, like Jude and others and talking a bit about random stuff like film music and photography.  I arrived a little late though, so I felt like I ran out of time to listen to everything. I was trying to get all the stickers for the raffle, haha, I missed out a bit on just plain listening.  But, those were some great raffle prizes so I didn't want to miss out on that chance either.



room panorama


Got to meet Jude, he's a cool, down-to-earth guy...who also appreciates

film soundtracks.

I listened to the Gladiator soundtrack on this DIY amp, this looks so cool,

and steampunky!

The Fostex TH900 sounded awesome on this marantz amp.

finally got to hear these K1000s!

The Abyss...and mini-Jude


(these are the Noble iems I liked.



OK, so there are some pics and my novice impressions!   Thanks for putting on the meet, and

I look forward to future shows!


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Just wanted to say thanks to all who were involved. Definitely a lot of fun.


Notables for me:

-IEM: Noble audio.

Not in the market for IEMs but "couldn't hurt to try" i thought.. Well Im considering the customs Kaiser 10s now.


-Closed: Alpha dogs. Just wonderful off the Liquid glass. Not really in the market for closed headphones either but once again.. very tempting.


-I liked quite a few headphone amps. The ones I tried with my HE500s were: liquid glass, headamp gs mk2, and woo wa5. All were lovely but the liquid glass was my favorite.



-Nuforce hp-800's are probably going to my goto recommendation for headphones around $100. They sounded clean and organic. Pleasantly surprised with the sound that came out of them.

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Wish I coulda made it there earlier.  Thanks to all the organizers, I know this thing was a ton of work to get together.  Was nice to meet and speak with Currawong in the flesh :)  Dave, glad it was a simple fix.  Good to see everybody again.

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Originally Posted by bobeau View Post

What a great meet!  Winning a pair of UE900s was certainly a cherry on top.

Thank you to everyone putting it on and the wonderful vendors.  So much amazing gear... am I crazy or were there literally a few dozen Audeze X/XCs throughout?  Seems like every other vendor had some for test.  

Yeah everyone seemed to be using Audeze and Sennheiser, not that I'm complaining

Really glad I went, everyone was cool and demoing everything was a blast.
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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

Warren goes looking for the "M", "C" & "A"...

and if he DIDNT save a t-shirt for me he's in some DEEP *****!!!!


so down about missing it - at least I'll have something from the Meet!

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man, I missed a great show!

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This was my first meet and I loved it! Thanks to everyone who organized the event and the vendors and exhibitors who were very friendly and helpful. I'm already looking forward to the next meet!

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It was my first meet and although I didn't listen to a lot, I did walk around and soaked it all in.   I definitely have a lot to learn.   


Managed to pick up a Audioengine D1 DAC/Amp for my laptop to replace my Fiio E10 that I am having issues with.  Also if the person I bought it from could PM me I had one question, I forgot your name!



Cool meet and I will be at the next one for sure!!   Thanks again to third_eye!

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Anyone try the Grace m920?

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