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I've been hearing from my audiophile friends in Korea and Japan that Note 3 should have good enough SQ for my new Westone 4R, however I am finding my iPod nano 5th Generation, iPad mini (1st one), or iphone 4 better sounding than my current phone, note 3. (I've tried various music sources including 16, 24 FLAC, mp3 files...etc)


I was confused because my friends overseas were keep telling me I should be using my Note 3 out of everything I own.


After some rigorous research, I found out that Samsung smartphones have different hardwares, including DAC, depending on where you buy the phone.


Even though I could still not find out exactly which DAC my AT&T Note 3 has inside, I am now pretty sure that my Note 3, which is N900A model, has different DAC from the Note3 overseas (at least the ones in Korea). 


I wanted to make sure if my conclusion is correct since I haven't been too long in this hobby and I don't want to waste money by investing unproportionately (I'm thinking about buying a good device soon).


and please can anybody tell me what kind of DAC my note 3 is hiding in its fat body?

I feel like US branch of Samsung never disclosed its DAC info, since I couldn't find what it is by googling for 40 minutes.


Also can you guys recommend me a good device that is


1. good SQ,

2. portable,

3. long battery life??

(thinking about spending$100-$160... cheaper the better..)


I am thinking about buying one of the Cowon devices or Fiio X3...


Thank you guys in advance for any feedback.

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