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Hey guys, can someone tell me if they fixed this annoying buzzing for input while gpu is under load?

I have this issue with my STX one and there are a lot of talk on the boards about this issue, so it isn't a malfunction.

If this has been discussed before - sorry, i tried but couldn't find it.

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You try to get a different gpu and psu to go with your stx? I guess it's just problems with your psu, unable to produce clean power under heavy gpu load, affecting your stx
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For unknown reasons, my post was deleted.. Can i not post links to another threads from this forum? A pm would be nice.


To summarize what i was saying..


I built pretty much everything anew except for PSU which may seem a good indicator for you being right about where the problem lies but before buying another one I'd rather rule everything else out.


I tried to stress my PSU by putting stress onto my CPU with Prime95 and the mic - in was crystal clear. I tried switching lines since my PSU is semi - modular but it didn't help.


Other people reported that shielding the open part of the Audio Card didn't help and suggested using a Ground Loop Isolator instead.


So far I didn't find any indication for whether it was helpful or not, but it seems unlikely since the signal "originates" at the microphone and not in the PC, so filtering it before the Audio Card is kinda pointless.


I'd rather try using a Ferrite bead on the Molex cable which goes into the Audio Card, but in my opinion the chances of it helping me are also very grim.


Does anyone have any ideas how to make sure the problem lies with the PSU without actually exchanging it? ^^


Thanks in advance!




some people apparently tried replacing the PSU and it didnt help..

"..took my PC to the local PC shop, they tried a new PSU and GPU...same issue.."

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