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Best over-ear headphones for under £150?

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Sorry for another one of these threads, but I couldn't find a recent one with a similar price range.


I listen mostly to indie and alternative music with a lot of acoustic albums in particular. What sort of headphones would you recommend for this music in this price range?


Thanks in advance.

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Would you prefer closed or open back?


For closed back go for the DT770 Pro's. They come in at about £89


For open back I got a few options. 


The AKG K702. They are extremely good for the genre's you mentioned. These can be had for only £130


The Sennheiser HD 598's are an all around amazing open back headphone. You will love these. Especially for £110. Beautiful cans.


Last but amazing, loved headphone around here is the Phillips Fidelio X1. A great contender in this price range of open back headphones. There's a reason why it is more expensive than the other. But believe me, It is well worth it. 


My two personal picks would be either the HD's or the X1's. Both have amazing worth. Feel free to ask questions about any of these headphones (or others). :D



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Open back would be best as they'll only be used at home, although I've been looking at the Audio-Technica M50s which seem to be favourably reviewed in most places.


Unfortunately I can't find the AKG K702s anywhere for less than £210 which is outside my budget. The X1s are a bit over budget but I could probably stretch it. 


For listening to that sort of music (primarily acoustic), what would you recommend out of the X1s, the 598s and the M50s?



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The 598's. They are very natural sounding. And at that price, they are a steal. They perfectly match up with your price range. I'd be glad to see you have these. Hope this helped.



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