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AKG k240 mk2

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upgrading from the grado 60i. is the AKG K240 mk2 a step up?my budget is 200$

i'm paying 160$ for them. other options i have are sennheiser momentum on ears and hd 380 pro.

I listen to uplifting andmelodic trance, soft rock and some acoustic.

I love forward mids and airy highs and some lows. i don't care about closed back or open phones. i want something better in sq and comfort.

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Mostly they are a side step to a different sound signature.  In the U.S. you can get the older and very similar K 240 Studio for $70.


The Momentums are not to my taste, but most would consider them an upgrade (albeit closed instead of open or semi-open) from the Grado or AKG.  In the U.S. they cost quite a bit more than both Grado & AKG.

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