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Headphone Recommendation Laptop/Stereo

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I have a laptop at work, and a Yamaha HTR-6130 stereo at home. I currently have Grado SR80 which I love but would like more bass, and a little less sound leaking + a tad more comfort. Between these headphones which do you recommend and why?


Sennheiser 598, Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, or AKG Q701 I listen to mostly classic rock.

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The DT 770 Pro's will have the least amount of leaking, being that they are closed back. Both the 598's and the Q701's and open back, so they will leak. Not nearly as much as grado's but maybe a bit too much for work (Not sure what work environment you are in). I would personally tell you to go ahead with the HD 598's just from personal experience. I have not had much experience with AKG. The 598's are available on amazon for $180 and on FRYS for $150 (As long as you can pick it up in store. Click here to see if there is a store near you.) You won't be disappointed with the HD's. But if you want, wait and see what someone else has to say about the AKG's. I think one of those would be your best option, preferably the HD's. They look beautiful and sound amazing. Then again, if you do need a closed back design the DT770's are a great option as well. They don't sound bad by any means, but open back's are the best (in my opinion) headphones available. Tell me what you think.



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What halfinfinity said.  DT770Pro 80ohm will have more bass than the 250ohm version.  It's a great headphone if you want privacy and don't want to disturb others.

Otherwise, go for HD598 or Q701.  I haven't tried out HD598, but Q701 and its variants rule.  I have the toilet-bowl white, non-Quincy variant K701, haha.

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I think I am going to go with the HD598s the comfort is a important factor. My coworker does not complain right now and I am listening to classic rock with my Grado SR80 :)


Thank you for the advice!

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