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Considering either Fiio X3, iBasso DX50 Rockbox, or Hifiman HM-700

Poll Results: Which DAP do you feel is best?

  • 25% (4)
    Fiio X3
  • 43% (7)
    iBasso DX50
  • 31% (5)
    Hifiman HM-700
16 Total Votes  
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Hi, I'm currently interested in trying to get better portable gear for mobility around the house and walks.  My current source is an ipod video 5g rockbox that sounds great to my ears, and I don't use any headphones/IEMs that are more demanding than the Hifiman HE-400 currently, altho I suspect I'll eventually break into more demanding cans.  I have been thinking of getting either the Fiio E12 to amp my ipod, or to try out a new DAP that'll offer better output than my altoids amp or Fiio E6.  Currently I'm looking at the Fiio X3 or perhaps the Hifiman HM-700, but I can't seem to find all that much information on that one.  I don't know if its just too new, or if its just a niche product that most won't bother with.  The appeal for the HM-700 to me is as far as IEMs go I don't have anything particularly spectacular, my Ety HF5 and Monster Turbines being the best in that route, and have been eyeing the RE-400 for awhile.


I certainly don't mind spending a little more if there's good reason to do so, my top limit most likely being around $400.  Any suggestions or comments are welcome and appreciated.  I must admit I'm utterly noobish as far as portable DAPs go, so I'm sure there are a ton of options I'm overlooking.  Thanks in advance for any help offered!

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iBasso's DX50 looks like another option.  But any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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I guess the question is, will I really see a noticable performance increase by going to a DAP like the dx50 or X3 from a rockbox ipod?  And if the answer is no, then I should consider my portable amp options more.  I just like the possibility of a DAP that has enough juice to where I don't really feel the need for an additional amp.

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Does anyone have any suggestions/advice that might help?  I'm still quite torn on figuring out which route might be best to go.


The X3 seems very promising with good file type support, really good output power for a DAP, the usb dac aspect feels nice too.  The HM-700 wins my vote as far as looks go, plus the fact that it has the potential for rockbox is a plus.  Also the included RE-400B which seems to be reviewed well.  Various things I've read make me think the dx50 might not be for more, at least compared to the X3.  But there's always the Fiio E12 route and keep using my daps, just with MUCH more power than before.  And if I go that route, I can justify picking up something like a Schiit Modi for my computer.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, so feel free to toss out any idea, even if you don't have first hand experience.  You never know what random bit of info/opinion might make me decide.  Thanks again!

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Decided to add a poll to see if that'll help get some advice.


On a side note, after reading up on the iBasso DX50 Rockbox, my hesitation for purchasing it is gone, so I'm back to 3 strong contenders that all have some promise.  Still tho, anyone with practical experience with any of these 3 DAPs would be quite useful, seeing that as far as I know I have no way to look at them firsthand in Austin, TX.  If I'm wrong and someone knows a location, that info would be marvelous!  As always, thank you for any help you give!

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Hey there, Saoshyant, I've got HM-700 recently, and I love it. For many years I was using an old Ipod nano 2-gen with rockbox (I think that this old boy still has a bit better SQ when compared to many mainstream players/smartphones) with senns IE-6, and senh momentum. So, the combo of RE-400b with this HM-700 just blew my mind. It's great. MUCH better then IE-6 in any scenario (thou it has completely different sound signature). MUCH better then Turbines copper on any "mainstream" source". And better then Momentums on my old  iPod on many music genres. 

I've tried to used Momentum on HM-700 for about 10 minutes an I didnt recognize these cans - they were GREAT and much different than on old ipod! right now they are collecting dust on the shelf - I want to fully appreciate RE-400 first. So, I think that for the asking price the HM-700 with RE400 is a no brainer. Now some negative stuff:

- perilous construction of re-400 cords - I think that if theese will serve me for a year it would be great! Hope that I'm wrong here.

- some occasional harshness in the sound  of RE 400 - well, I'm not bothered by it, but maybe the others will dislike this

- super-thin wires of the adpter for unbalanced (normal) headphones - I'm sure that it will break very soon

- PC-cord is bad - I see the wires inside near usb - can break easily

- bad standart tips for RE-400 - some good soul included sony hybrids with the package for free - so I'm good

- I cant use RE-400 with the adapter for unbalanced players - jack of RE's doesent fit inside this adapter!!! Maybe I have to apply more force, but I'm afraid to do this.

Hope this helps! sorry for bad english!

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You have nothing to worry about with the English, better than many native speakers I promise you. I'm about to try out the Fiio X3,but if I don't like it, I'll certainly give the hm-700 a try. I'm glad to get someone with firsthand experience with it to post, there's so little information about it.
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