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I should be going too.

I'll take my HD650's (which I just found, pairs very well with the Walfredo's Svetlena 2).

And I should take a Polk UltraFocus 8000 as well.

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I'm bringing the EC Zana Deux (older model, not SE) per request.


I think you guys are gonna like the Enigmas...

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Originally Posted by CEE TEE View Post

^How does the HD600 sound out of it?  I have heard the HD600 sound amazing out of a McIntosh amp.  Happened to be 200ohm output impedance.  HD600's have BASS.


Okay, I grabbed the Geek Out 100.  Also a pair of Enigmas minus the comfort band.  (Thanks zerodee!)


So we'll have Geek Out 1000, 450, 100.  Can see if anyone else is hearing them the same way that I am.  Haven't fired up the 100...yet.


Oh boy... BASS indeed.


The McIntosh just makes everything sound "big". I'm not even sure how to describe it, but... it makes all of my other source gears (including the PHA-1) sound like radios from the 70's, but all the while retaining an overall warm and slightly dark sound.


Ah well, I'll lug it along after all. You can hear it for yourself!


And I've found a temporary remedy (different drivers) for the DT770, so... I'll be bringing it along. Bass has been significantly reduced, but then that means it plays nice with the McIntosh.


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Oh, I'm bringing (8) hamburger patties and (4) franks.  If someone can bring hamburger buns and hot dog buns, that would be great!


I'll drop by the market. Anyway... I'll set out now. Should be there in about an hour-ish!

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And impression thread is up. Please share your thoughts if you have any:

SF Bay Area Mini Meet May 4th 2014 impressions

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