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SRH-1540 vs 940?

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Got this year's tax return check back, and as a college student with nothing to do, what better use than a new pair of headphones?


Right now, I have a pair of Shure 940s - they're great, if not a little too thin and treble-positive.  Before them I had a pair of M50s, which were also amazing.  I bought these 940s a year ago, and they're already starting to crack around the hinges... damn you, Shure, and your cheap plastic.  Regardless, it seems like an excellent time to pick up something new.


I'm going to have around $500 to put into this - the problem is I've heard it repeated over and over again that "everything under $XXX sounds the same, you need more money", and that number is generally around $4-500.  While I don't think this is true at all, would I be happy with putting so much money into the 1540s as a replacement for the 940s, or should I just save myself a couple hundred dollars and buy a pair of Beyer closed cans?  I want something that's going to last for longer than one year without literally starting to break apart.  It seems like I'd love the sound signature of them; I dont care if your $2000 reference headphones are more neutral, I want something fun to listen to, and I think Jude himself did a great review on them. I'll also be picking up a Schiit Magni+Modi combo in the near future as well, for what it's worth.


Any opinions?  What do you think I should do?

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I could always just redirect the $500 into that Bifrost+Asgard II setup I've always wanted to pick up, but that really wouldn't solve the impending self-destruction of my current 940s...

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the srh1540s are well built and seem pretty robust. but their soundsignature is the complete opposite of ist older sister. warm and bassheavy borderline dark sounding. soundstage is a Little weird, but Imaging and Detail is at least at the same Level as the srh940.


hard to find technically better closed back fullsize than the srh940. maybe beyer t5p, but i walk wide circels to avoid beyers trebble philosophy. ymmv.


why not go open back`?

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Sorry for the delay - been unfortunately busy recently.


I suppose I probably could; I'm just used to the isolation in both directions of a closed-back pair of headphones.  Let's say I don't have any preference as to closed- or open headphones.  Then what would you guys recommend for ~$500?  Same criteria - relatively neutral without being quite as bass-light as the 940s, but also not sounding dark, either.

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