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I originally tried posting on the audiophile subreddit but was met with nothing but responses ignoring my actual question and post saying "get an ipod touch"


I'll give a slight rundown of my situation :

-Just getting into the "audiophile" world, very little knowledge at this point honestly.

-Price range is about $1000 dollars

-I need a large amount of physical storage, can't rely on cloud due to my work.


I was thinking of getting the FiiO x5 as nothing else really matches it in physical storage that I've been able to find, so other suggestions are welcomed but not unless they have ample storage.. Something with 32-64gb just isn't going to work for me.

My main question is over headphones though.. I see that most "quality" headphones start at around $200 but go well into $1000.

I already have memory cards, so if I get the x5 I'll still have around $500 to play with for headphones but due to my still small knowledge in all of this stuff. I've tried looking into it myself but I haven't really found a clear answer on where the price starts to become premium though. I'm willing to spend all of the money if necessary, but as I'm just starting to dip my toes into the audiophile world if I don't need headphones that cost several hundred dollars extra for quality sound I'd obviously like to save some money..most audiophile reviews though only ever comment on if things are better and not if they are cost efficent.

Basically, will a pair of $500 headphones sound $300 better than $200 headphones? value and cost efficiency doesn't seem to come up with the reviews much if ever. I at the same time though, want headphones that will do a high quality player with high quality formats justice.



And just in case anyone here needs to know (reddit sure was angry about me saying no to an ipod) I need the storage because I'm away from home a lot, and it's not uncommon for my work to leave me in areas with poor coverage/no coverage so using any form of cloud storage wouldn't be reliable for me.

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