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Hi, i'm new in this forum and i wanted advice to improve my setup, I actually use the following system:


Custom PC > usb AQ coffee to Nuforce UDH-100 (DAC) > AQ Columbia to Nuforce HAP-100 (PREAMP) > AQ Columbia to Nuforce ST8.5v3 (poweramp) > AQ Castle Rock to Focus Audio FS68SE ( with Scanspeak tweeter and Ethon woofer) with Foundation stands 


I usually listen to 24/96  and 24 /44.1 studio files.


I'm asking for advice for upgrading my DAC solution.... UDH-100 is awesome but i want to try other DAC's, I was wondering about the Benchmark DAC 2 D.... since it claims to drive power amps, should i sell my Preamp (HAP-100) and use the DAC 2 D directly to my poweramp or should I still use my HAP-100 preamp?


note: I only use the HAP-100 to preamp the signal of the UDH-100, i don't use any other input.

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