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If I had to take one headphone, one amp, and one dac it would be HD650, Graham Slee Ultra-Linear Diamond, and the Schiit Gungir

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The AKG sextett is my favorite out of all the ones I've tried including $1000+ headphones. I think it is because they seem to do everything I want really well. I'm really curious how the German Maestros sound after really loving all the MB Quarts I've tried so far. Hell even the Beyerdynamics been keeping me happy. I think the rule of thumb for me is if the headphone is made in Austria or Germany, then it most likely would be good.

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The headphone I think is the best in the world is the bass-heavy R10 with the SR-009, Orpheus, and the bass-light R10 being close runner ups.

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LOL I just bought the K1000 again lets see how I like it a 2nd time around.

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I'd love to be able to check out the Orpheus and the Stax someday. Not that far ahead, regrettably, just yet, and here in Bulgaria we hardly even have a place where I can have a listen to those.


Heck, I don't even think someone has them, though I could be wrong. Planning on spending a couple of months in the US in the summer, so I'll definitely be visiting a store that has them on display and checking them out for myself.


For now, I'd just have to say - HD800 all the way! Used to have HD650 back in the day too, those were beautiful as well. Though I probably sound like a moron, or a Sennheiser fanboy. Oh well. At least I'm not saying "Dre's Beats" :D

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Anything Bose is the best.
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I sold my H800 after getting my hands on the Audeze LCD-XC, I love everything about them. Looks, sound, closed. they could use some comfort adjusting but I don't mind to much. great headphones

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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

Anything Bose is the best.
That is what the guy at Best Buy told me…

…must be true.
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There is no "best" because there are always trade offs. So far I've found that HD600 has the fewest trade offs (except that it needs a decent amp, which I don't consider a trade off). Are others better? At certain things, yes--but they're also worse at other things.
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Audio Technica m-50 Of course everyone knows they are the best headphones ever in the world.

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Well most true to life sounding phone I heard is lcd-3, but then again I haven't heard alot of top of the line phones!

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I don't know about in the entire world, but I like my Sennheiser HD800s more than any that I have owned or heard, including a Stax SR 404 system. They have electrostatic-like clarity but with better bass and greater warmth. For classical and other acoustic music, they would be hard to beat...and I don't even use a dedicated amp--I just plug them straight into my Oppo 105's headphone jack and enjoy their glorious clarity and detail.

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Apple earbuds...like duh...

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