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Hey audio lovers. Well i was born with my umbelical cord around my neck. That was cuz I was trying to stick the headph at the end of the cord into my ear. Anyway I have been recording my acoustic guitar with the mic from headphones. Is there any way to permanently apply them as a full time pickup for the guitar. And what pin arrangement would I use to make my android detect a home flailed microphone setup as a mic. I'm having problems making it work with a 2 or 3 section pin jack. Please help. Cheers!
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Firstly the quality of the recording you're going to get from a headset mic is going to be terrible.

I wouldn't recommend using it as a permanent pick-up for a guitar.


Sounds like you're on a serious budget to consider using a headset mic.

If I'm correct, you're probably better off getting a transducer pick-up like this one:


Which will give you a much better sound than any mic around that price.


This kind of adapter:

Will allow you to plug the guitar pick-up or mic directly into your phone for recording.


There are other/better quality pick ups and adapters available, these are just the first examples I found on the internet.

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