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upgrade from DT 990 Pro

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Hi guys:-)

I want to upgrade from Beyer DT 990 PRO and need advices from you:-)

I love the way 990 Pro sounds:-)
But Bass is not tight enough anymore for me and i need better mids
When i bought this headphone it just wowed was my first hifi can

Right know i need:

Tighter faster bass
More detailed mids
Probably same.or.less.highs

It has to be opened can

I far

DT 990 600 Ohm
DT 880 600 Ohm
Sennheiser HD 650
Beyer T90 but it budget

I spend max 350 euros but if i get somethig lot.more, i am ready to bump up to 450 euro

Thanks a.lot
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I'd have to tell you to go ahead w/ the Sennheiser 650's or 600's. They pretty much fit your exact description. Just my two cents.

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Some say hd650 to be dark
How to understand that?
Lowered 8+khz zone?
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Not exactly sure, I haven't much experience with the 650's. But I think you'd be most happy with the 600's. They have the best value for the price.

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Ordered so far DT 880 600 Ohm and DT 990 600 Ohm
Just to define my upgrade worthiness
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Why don't you upgrade your system?  I realize that's not what you're asking, but these are the ultimate chameleon phones: crap in, crap out/gold in, gold out.  I just got these phones a week ago, and after considerable play time, with three set-ups, and a lot of reading, I realize these phones can be almost as good as you want them to be.  


Maybe you should just get a better amp?  These phones need a lot of current, a good amount of gain, and if possible a really meaty power-machine that has speed at all levels.  


I think the A1 is probably a good bet, but a lot of folks swear by tubes around here, so you may agree.  But tubes don't always have fast bass.  


Otherwise, your phones are probably, yes, Senn 600s, not 650s.  AND a better amp.


my cent.

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HD65O. It has the most amazing Mid-bass. Could also try the HD600 if you want more treble. YOU WONT REGRET THE HD650
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HE-400 is probably best what you're looking for.  It has tighter and more detailed bass, and the highs are around the same or less-- probably not the same comfort though depending on your tolerance of weight.


HD650 has less bass than the DT990 pro and way less treble. 

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The 650 is veiled and dark, the dt990 is bright, overly so for a lot of people. I doubt the HD650 will be a good fit for you. I would say the Beyer T1 but that's clearly out of your price range. If all you want is tighter bass and better mid detail then consider upgrading your source or amp.

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