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[Interest Check] Pittsburgh Head-Fi Meet  

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I've noticed that there hasn't been a Pittsburgh Head-Fi meet, at least not in the short 1.5 years I've been on Head-Fi, so I randomly brought it up when I noticed a fellow Pittsburgher in one of the threads. Turns out there's a few others who would be interested in a Pittsburgh meet as well, so I was wondering who else would be down to make this a possibility in the future?

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I'm down for it, but I'd prefer it to be after April as I will be busy before May.

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Yeah I'd be fine with having it in May. I won't complete my desktop rig until April anyways so it's better for me too.

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I certainly would be interested.  I've got the Fostex TH900.  I also have the Alpha Dog on the way.  It would be awesome to geek out with yinz guys!

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I have some free time for a meet-up. Anyone else still interested?
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I'm interested.  If we wait until June, I might have the Oppo HA-1 by then.  I will be away the last week of June, however.


Perhaps "Music to My Ear" might want to host a meet.  They carry Sennheiser, Grado, and Beyer headphones and amps.

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By June, I should hopefully have my HE-560. Would be pretty surprised if I didn't have it by then. I'm planning on getting DITA Audio's The Answer, but don't know if I'll have it by June.


JML, do you have any connections with Music To My Ear? I didn't know about it until you mentioned it, but it looks like a great place to hold a small meet.

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I am waiting to get the Oppo amp/dac HA-1 in silver, which is due out in a few weeks (hopefully).  From this thread alone, we would have three of the newest planar driver headphones to compare, which would be interesting! 


I've been to that Aspinwall shop twice, but don't have any connection.  Perhaps if some of us went into the store and met with them, it might lead to a meet there.  One of the salesmen is really into headphones, and one of the two storefronts is just about exclusively devoted to headphones.  They have the Senn HD800, the Senn amps, top-end Beyers, etc.

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Now we just need to wait for someone to get the Fostex TH500RP and we'll have all of the new planars to audition!


Yeah that sounds like it could work, plus we would get to audition the other gear they have at their store. This could turn out to be a pretty substantial gathering of high end gear, way above my expectations! I guess we can discuss details once our new gear arrives?

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Once I get my silver HA-1, I'll update this thread, but I think a July meet may be more realistic than June, given the logistics of setting up a time and place.

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I sent a note to Music to My Ears, using their website contact form, asking if they'd be interested in hosting a small meet at their store.  I'll let you know if I hear back from them.

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Sounds good! I've received DITA's The Answer, still waiting on the HE-560 though. With HFM's delays, I'm hoping I get them in June, so a possible July meet might work out better for me too.

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No answer from the store... 

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I would go to a pittsburgh meetup if it I have time to request the day off.

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I'm actually moving to Pittsburgh in about a week and should have the HE-560 and an upgraded Lyr2/Bifrost, maybe and LCD-3 to bring along.  Would be really interested in a Head-Fi meet!


Did the user above end up getting the Oppo HA-1?  I'm absolutely DYING to try it.

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