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For Sale:
AQVOX USB Low-Noise Power Supply for USB powered DACs + FREE Shipping!!

Will Ship To: US

This is for USB DACs that do not have their own dedicated power supply. USB power from the computer is not as great and clean as a dedicated power supply. This device fixes that problem for DACs such as the Schiit Modi, ODAC, or the WA7 DAC. This one has a USB Type-B port, but I am also including a USB Type-B to Type-A adapter (white device in picture) so it can work with various portable DACs like the AudioQuest Dragonfly, Audioengine D3, or HRT Microstreamer. Also included is a Type-B to Mini-USB convertor to use for devices with a Mini-USB input like the ODAC (black device in picture). Finally, this also includes a power adapter to work with US outlets.


This product can only be bought from the manufacturer in Germany and took many weeks to deliver. As such, the original price with shipping and converted to USD was about $150. I am selling it for $90 with extra accessories and free shipping. PayPal only.


More information:

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