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For Sale:
Firestone Audio Spitfire HD DAC + Supplier HD power conditioner + FREE SHIPPING!!

Will Ship To: US

I'm selling the Firestone Audio Spitfire HD DAC with the dedicated Supplier HD power supply. The condition of both are excellent, like-new with no visible signs of wear. They are about 6 months old, though only used for about 2 months since I have moved onto a better DAC.


Performance-wise I'd rank the Spitfire HD to be better than the Schiit Modi and ODAC. The biggest advantage it has over both the Modi and ODAC is the versatility to accept optical and coaxial along with USB inputs. Also, it decodes 24 bit and up to 192 kHz as well. This also comes with a quality RCA and USB cables.


The Supplier HD reduces electronic ripples and provides a cleaner power source over the wall wart. It also works with the Firestone Audio Fubar HD and Beyond HD amps, and provides two power outputs (two power cables included) to power two of the Firestone Audio HD series products at once. This is especially useful in areas with inconsistent or low quality power, which can create noise and interference. The Supplier HD reduces these problems.


More information:


Free Shipping! PayPal only.