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Originally Posted by mikaveli06 View Post

I have looked around. Ebay prices are only $10 difference. H300 had special price of $250 for pre ordering, but thats not reg price. Jvcs could be had for $278 at one time. So they are pretty close in price to compare imo

Unless there is somewhere to get Tpeos that I dont know (by the way, I did love my h300, very very nice. Bass was some of best I have heard for depth, punch, and remaining tight)

Digital852 has T-Peos for $275. I haven't been able to find Fx850 for anything less than $375+$10-20 shipping. Nothing on ebay either

Also when I consider I could get the sennheiser hd650 for $367 + free shipping on ebay right now... I kind of write the jvcs off biggrin.gif
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Amazon jp is appx 320, fluctuated between 280-380. But hd650 isnt same type product (not portable, full sized, needs amp) but tpeos is worth the $275, but I say (to me only), jvc is a value at 3-400 bucks. Sounds better than anything ive heard up to $600, but I dont have much experience in that range ill admit. Id say just keep eye on amazon for a drop or maybe eventually a few will pop up in for sale classified (blasphemy I know)
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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

I think you would love the FX850. It is the phone your looking for. I can tell you if you upgrade your cable on the H3 with a silver cable and with proper amping  brings out a higher end sound from them but then for the money spent on an upgraded cable you can spend that toward the FX850.


Go for it. Your gonna love em. The FX850 is a permanent keeper for me and I am sure many others that bought them recently..I do like my H3s a lot but the FX850 are an absolute must buy.I do believe the FX850s will quickly become a headfi classic.  You want to truly enjoy your music..The FX850 on a solid source has to be experienced.

Thanks Dsnuts,


Surprisingly the earphone that gets me into all this is the monoprice 9927 (yes, it's ten dollars). It was such a decent iem for the price. But comes after is the thought "perhaps there's something better..." and the rest is history:


MA750 (nice bass, mid too veiled for my taste)

GR07 (clear mid, too little bass, a bit too clinical)

MDR 7550 (nice mid/bass, a bit too hot in the treble, still a bit too clinical for enjoyment)

H1 (really like the bass/mid but lacks treble extension, separation is not quite there for 150$)

H3 (almost perfect, nice treble without sibilance, bass could be tighter, mid could more lush)


And now FX850. And I'm very close to pulling the trigger.

Waiting for some more inputs on the mid of the FX850.


Arghh, head-fi is killin' my wallet haha.

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Ya them crazy MP 8320s. True story. When I first discovered those. Guys was looking for recommendations on the threads and I would pop in with the MP8320 suggestion and you could hear the crickets from the other headfiers. The collective thoughts of "WTF is this guy talking about?" Lol. $10 sound ain't so bad now in hind site.


If your concerned about any type of veil or off tonality to the FX850 rest assured there is none. Richness of tone awaits..They did have a bit of warmth to the sounds on open listen but I believe that was due to the non mature drivers you get from the factory on the FX850..Burned in the sound tightens to a sheen on these. You forget about technicalities on the FX850 and start truly enjoying your music. Music is spacious, gloriously deep, stage that is impossibly wide with that timbre that digs deep into your soul..It is your hi fi on the go. 


Have you read about a guy that hated these yet? These should be considered a must own for serious fanatics of sound. These are what so many earphones strive to be..But in the end JVC did an amazing job with these phones.. FX850 on my DX90 will impress the most fickle of sound enthusiast. A serious must own an worth your hard earned cash.

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Agreed on dx90+fx850. Any reccomendation on a cable....silver or silver plated copper, what are advantages of these
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...... Now I have to get my hands on a DX90 just to see how they perform.... My wallet is screaming at me right now.....:(

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Mikaveli..Didn't you just recently get your FX850? I know they sound good now but you need to burn them in if you haven't yet.. I burn in my DX90 and my IM03 at the same time by playing my music files with the player.  It will do more for the sound of the FX850 than any cable will. Really any silver coated OFC cable that is an upgrade to the Shure phones will work. However I do like the stock cables on the FX850..They are much better than the H3 cable for example..I noticed more of an upgrade in sonics on the H3 than the FX850 as the stock cable is actually a good one also a silver coated ofc.. Now pure silver might be a different story..


I would burn them in real good.. Tightens up that bass. Open up the sound and unleash that treble. 

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Originally Posted by Exesteils View Post

...... Now I have to get my hands on a DX90 just to see how they perform.... My wallet is screaming at me right now.....:(

Oh yea the players sound is phenom. I think it was a week or so after I got the player as Ibasso suggest a crazy 200 hours of burn in. I am still in the process of burning in the DX90..The sound went from large to grand. It was amazing..The great thing about the player is. It's neutrally accurate sound meshes with any phone you own even some harder to drive full sized cans. A one player solution that definitely brings a very nice high end sound for portability. Highly recommended..

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Yes, just got 850s again, had to sell first pair due to a blown transmission. As for cables, im not looking for sonic upgrade. I mentioned in a thread somewhere, I lift weights and the rubber cord is catchy and yanks sometimes on ears. I am looking for a cable purely for cosmetic reasons, nylon sheethed cables are less catchy for me. And a right angle plug is a plus since dx90 plug is on bottom (I just put in pocket upside down for now). So I was going to get cable made, but am curious if paying xtra for silver (fbi cable) or save some and get spc (btg audio most likely)
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And that dx90 is soo open sounding. The dr chesky binaural test album is mind blowing, sounds coming from everywhere, out of head experience.
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You guys really must hear the FX850 connected to the Schiit Modi DAC and Vali hybrid tube amp. I mean we are really talking about headphone sound coming out of an earphone. Separation and imaging is out of this world. Clarity too.

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Gonna have to go to a meet sometime. I have never heard music from a good computer home system. Only home sound I have is the stock player from my cheap computer. And a 7.1 home system but its nothin special, good for movies and ps4 games (yamaha receiver and klipsch speakers)
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Getting real tired of not seeing any negative reviews on these.


Might be worth saving up for.

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^DO IT!!!!!!!😃😁
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Question. If I did go over ear with these, would I take right housing and put on left cable, etc to reverse the channels?
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