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Originally Posted by DannyBai View Post

I love my bass but I need midrange and correct treble to have it be a keeper and so far it does that.


I agree. There has to be some balance between them all to make it work. That would be pretty neat if these things are the IEM version of TH900. But I was under the impression the 1Plus2 was the equivalent of that headphone?

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These are balanced to my ears and if your look for bassy go look at cardas em5813😵😲
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lol guess we'll see :P. Hearing differing opinions is making me want to hear them all the more and also a bit worried :D.


I wonder if you find them less bassy due to your Studio V (leaner sound).

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I'd say the TH900 has bass that's tight like the 1P2 but has the quantity of the FX850 if that makes sense. I don't think anything has the bass quality of the 1P2.
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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

So I did a brief A/B and my prior post was correct but what was surprising to me was just how much more efficient the FX850 is compared to the FXD80.  The FX850 is another animal. A1/2 ton grizzly compared to the fast sleek cheetah.  Powerful. Dominant. Regulates with authority and is much more grander yet with excellent balance and finess... The FXD80s relatively flat mid section is great for speed and detail but sacrifices muscle for that speed and sharpness of tone. I am gonna be honest here. The FX850 is on another level of sound. No real comparison between the two..The FXD80 I would say is not necessarily less refined but it is relegated to certain genres and is more of a niche sound. The FX850 can do it all and then show just how good it can be when amped. It separates itself from any previous JVC offering including the FXZ and both FXD earphones. The bench mark for JVC imo.


Thank you!


You're right! FXD80 is not really an all rounder, and good only for certain genres or recording that matches it's V shape tonal balance.  But when matches, it does really well.


Ok, will allocate all my IEM budget towards FX850 :D

FX850 would be my next IEM to get :beerchug:

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Very nice! I'm pretty much a JVC fanboy now lol. Love the FRD80. How are they compared to something like the JVC HAFXD80?

These things look freaking amazing. One thing JVC always gets right is the build, even if the sound isn't always good (looking at you, HA FX1X). glad these sound good.

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These just get better and better and better and better and better.. It don't seem to end. Listening through my burn in station using my Audinst MX2. Just astounding how good these sound..I have had phones in the past that surrounds you with your music but not quite like these. It is that precise treble. Awesome layering. Fullness on vocals with that bold rounded bass. All delivered through one of the largest sounds for in ears. I can't get enough of this sound. I look forward to hearing them when I am away from them. It is crazy just how hooked I am to these. I think the strongest aspect of this sound is just how enjoyable the sound is. There is a FUN sound and then there is enjoyable. These are down right enjoyable, way too much so..  

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Oh and a word of warning for anyone looking to buy ANY JVC earphone.

BURN THEM IN. They change like crazy. 

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That they do. I think the IE8/IE80 still holds the crown for the amount of change it goes through :P.

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How well do they isolate outside noise
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Are they on sale yet? Don't see them on their website.

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Originally Posted by Jwm48324 View Post

How well do they isolate outside noise


These isolate really well actually..Above average for certain.

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+1^ isolation 😊...very good compared to what I thought 😃
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Just got mine yesterday, posted impressions on Discovery thread, won't go into them all in such detail here (many of the names I see are names I regularly see on the Discovery Thread). They do sound great out of the box, 3D, great, but not overpowering bass, wide stage, initially thought the highs slightly "hot", seemed to cool down listening a bit over the course of the day. Also thought I noted slight reticence upper mids, female vocals just slightly less "technicolor" than the rest of the presentation, maybe small dip that range. Comfort/fit not bad, I'm notoriously difficult to get good fit/seal, able to get decent, but not perfect seal with some tips in the box, but will definitely have to play more to optimize. Can be worn up or down, but up over ears looks and feels a bit weird imo. More after some break in.
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Xba4ip is satisfying me while I make zee monies for another set of these beauties 😁💕😍
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