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Gaming Headphones :D

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What gaming headphones you love the best? what gaming headphones gave you the most excellent expirience in gaming? what gaming headphones you know that are good to hearing music too? are there in ear gaming headphones too? what your favorite gaming headphones? what gaming headphones do you know that worth their price and recommended? 

Answer with joy people! :beerchug:

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Sennheiser pc 360 or the new G4ME Zero or G4ME One, depends if you want an open or closed headphone. Or you could just go all the way and get the HD 800's lol.


Sorry for only mentioning Sennheiser, but i've tried quite a few headphones for gaming and the Sennheiser's were definately better by a mile.

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so I really want to buy G4me zero headset, but i would be using them on ASUS ROG G751 (gaming laptop). I really want to know if I will be able to squeeze the most from them, because of their high impedance (150 ohm). I've been reading on different forums threads about problemacy of high impedance headsets when connected to laptop. 

So I would be very grateful if someone could help me. :) 

Tnx, bb

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