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Hello. I received my brand new E10 Olympus a couple of days ago and right from the start I noticed there was a slight delay on the audio signal, form when I pressed play until I could actually hear something. As far as I have understood by reading from this thread:, the Olympus should be Fiio's newest revision of the E10 and that the delay problem should be fixed on this batch. The delay that occurs on my unit is not the usual 0.7ms but rather 0.2s. I came to this result by playing around in Audacity, trying to measure the length of the delay. Additionally I have tested the unit in both OS X 10.9 and Windows 8, running on the same machine, tweaking at the audio settings but with the same result. My current conclusion is that the device is faulty and I should have it replaced by Amazon where I bought it or maybe find another dac, but what are your thoughts on this matter?  

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