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Best "Movie" headphones?

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I mostly watch movies on my laptop, so I wanted headphones that are super comfortable considering I'll have it on for long periods of time, also, I am only looking for circumaural headphones that have a really refined soundstage and possibly don't leak out too much sound, as I tend to watch movies on the plane. But the problem is, is that my Budget is $80. I owned sennheiser hd 439's but the headband snapped. I was sort of looking into the HD 400 line, as well as A few headphones from sony.

Any suggestions?
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I highly suggest, for the safety of your hearing, not using any open headphone when listening on a plane.  This is because the sound of the plane masks the true volume of the player.  To prove what I mean try listening on a plane for 30 seconds at what you think is normal listening levels.  Leave the player at this volume and listen again when you land with no plane noise.  The results will shock you.


Save your hearing and try either a noise canceler like the Bose QC15 or an in-ear like the Brainwavz M2 with a pair of Comply T-400 foam tips for better comfort and a better seal.


Even a headphone such as the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which we normally consider a good sealing headphone will need to be turned up to dangerous audio levels on a plane.  I have tried it and only use in-ears on planes.

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