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For Sale: FS Denon D7000 Excellent Condition

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For Sale:
FS Denon D7000 Excellent Condition

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling my Denon D7000 headphones, because I upgraded to the TH900. Since they are so similar, I don't see a real need for me to own both of them.


I bought these D7000s in Japan, used. So I am the second owner. The previous owner had only used them about 50 hours, and I have used them maybe another 25. There is definitely less than 100 hours on the headphones total. The condition of the headphones themselves is edit: I decided to lower the condition to 9/10 because of surface scratches on ear cups  They include EVERYTHING they originally came with: the outer plastic sleeve, the display box, the manual/warranty, and the cleaning cloth. The warranty is obviously expired because these have been discontinued for awhile now. There is a little bit of wear on the front of display box itself on the faux leather...this is difficult to avoid with this product. Also, the included cleaning cloth has been opened although used only rarely (once or twice, by me). The outer pleather on the display box has some wear and so I would say 8.0/10 for that


Like I said, they are completely stock and include absolutely everything they originally came with down to the stupid plastic ties and foam and plastic bags which will be all packed nice and neat just like if you bought it new. The condition is so good that even on Yahoo Auctions Japan I paid around $800 for these a year ago.


 The price I have listed here is lowered to $700 due to surface scratches on ear cups That includes shipping ANYWHERE in the world, via EMS with insurance. All I ask is that you cover the 3% paypal fee. I only accept payment via paypal, and do not accept gift payments because I don't want my account flagged (plus it is safer for you.)


For feedback...I have over 200 positive feedbacks on my ebay account: matvei27

Unfortunately, because of the way ebay displays feedback now, my feedback shows as 85.7% for the last twelve months even though I have only received one negative feedback since joining eBay in 2002. The buyer who left the negative in August last year was absolutely insane and claimed I sold him a fake Paul Smith iPad case even though I gave him the receipt and everything proving I bought it from the official Paul Smith store. Some people can't be reasoned with.


Anyway, if you have any questions let me know. Also, I should just say that anyone who buys these should really get their own Woo Audio stand as goes great with these and is a quality product in its own right. (I am keeping mine for the TH900 I like it so much)


I can guarantee whomever buys these will be very happy with them. They are my second favorite headphone after the TH900, and they are very similar at half the cost.


I ship from San Francisco, CA. But again, since I will deliver anywhere I don't mind if you are located overseas.


Also, regarding the date of purchase: The original owner purchased them in 2012 and I purchased them a year later in 2013. Now I am selling them in 2014 due to purchase of TH900. 

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really nice and attempting sale, pm you for one offer, who knows  :tongue_smile:

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I will be posting more pics for this later since I have received a lot of requests for that.

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Here is a picture of them packed and ready to go.


Unfortunately, since my phone is out of order I am taking these pictures with a laptop webcam which really limits my options.


Since everyone is wondering about the wooden cups...I took a look at them further and although they look good there are some surface scratches which can be viewed especially under a light. I am not sure if this is avoidable because of the super glossy finish on I will drop the price down a little bit to $700. However, you could easily polish these scratches out...take it to a Piano or furniture shop and they will know what to do.


Also, regarding the date of purchase: The original owner purchased them in 2012 and I purchased them a year later in 2013. Now I am selling them in 2014 due to purchase of TH900. 


They were originally purchased from and so the warranty card is unmarked. (i.e.: no personal information is on it) Also, all paperwork is in Japanese since these are from Japan. There is no English manual included whatsoever. However, there is absolutely no difference between these and the ones that were sold in the US/EU aside from the language of the paperwork.

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First person to offer me the $700 shipped (paypal fees separate) gets it. 

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