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Looking for some headphone jacks for 325is.

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I'm making my Grado 325is stereo with a jack.  Unfortunately Radioshack doesn't have many options.  What I would really like is someway to avoid shaving down the chrome ear cups.  I don't mind cutting the plastic.  Are there any long 2.5mm jacks?  Particularly ones like the locking style that I've seen on some of the Sennheisers?  Thanks.

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Honestly, shaving down the metal cups is no big feat, in fact when I did it I felt it was safer than when I did it on the plastic since it's a lot more sturdy. Just wanted to say this in case that's what put you off. In any case, if you find 2.5mm jack inputs, they SHOULD theoretically fit without having to shave down anything (even the plastic cups). However, the main problem you'll have is that those inputs will need to be a little longer than average to that once you assemble the plastic cup inside the metal cup, the inputs aren't recessed. The 3.5mm inputs I used are standard and they are slightly recessed. It works for now but I will eventually take my headphones apart again and use longer inputs when I find some that please me.

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Right, I do have the chrome version though.  I am unsure if they chip easier and I don't really know what to use to shave it down.  Secondly, I did look at 2.5mm inputs, but I cannot seem to find, like you said, long enough versions anywhere. 

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I'm not sure if the chrome version is any different, but I personally used a standard metal file:



That worked just fine on my gold cups, they didn't chip or crack at all. Send an email to Grado about this, they should be able to let you know and they're very friendly and quick to respond.


Yes, finding long inputs is a pain, I looked for a few days and finally just did with what I had instead. It worked out with 3.5mm, but with 2.5mm they might be even shorter.

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Alright, I'm going for it.

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Awesome, post pics :D

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Wow, that was harrowing (first soldering experience lol) but there's nothing quite as satisfying as plugging in that aux cable and hearing both drivers pumping.  Will post pics later.

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And, done.  At least with that mod. I had some employee at The Home Depot use a drill bit to widen the hole, so thanks employee at Home Depot.



I was terrified that I may have fried the driver, since I first tried using a butane-powered soldering iron.  It shoots out fire when it's hot so I switched to an electronic.  My soldering job was pretty bad, but they work flawlessly regardless.  I also replaced all of the wiring.  The uneven hole is covered by the jack and those are pantyhose from TJ Max.  They didn't even question me when I bought them. 




Hey, they match my Blue Snowball.  They're also hard to capture with my lame camera phone.  Pretend you don't see that Logitech.


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Great! Thanks for sharing :)

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