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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-500 with Jergpads, HE-Adapter, and Moon Audio 4-pin XLR cable + Free Shipping!! (Will sell individually as well)

Will Ship To: USA

Note: If the package deal does not strike you fancy, I will sell the individual parts for the following prices, other than the Jergpads. I'd rather sell it all at once, as it will save me shipping costs, and make things easier for me. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees.


HE-500 with Jergpads - $500

HE-Adapter - $80

Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable - $150


Without further ado, let me present what this complete package entails! I'm looking to sell my HE-500 and all related gear.


The HE-500 was bought new at the end of September last year and is about 5 months old, and the Jergpads are about 2 months old. I actually haven't touched my HE-500 since January because I've moved onto the HD800 (hence I'm selling). The velour pads are actually most used and probably have 3 months of usage on them. The Jergpads have less than 10 hours of usage, and were professionally made by modulor. Overall, I'd estimate about 300-400 hours of usage on the HE-500.


More info on Jergpads:


What's in the package:


Hifiman HE-500 - retail: $600

Jergpads - retail: $60

HE-Adapter retail: $100

Moon Audio Blue Dragon 4-pin XLR (5 feet) cable - retail: $200

Total retail value: $960


I'm selling all of that for $600, the price of the HE-500 new without anything else.


So you may ask why do you need the HE-Adapter or the XLR cable? It is for anyone thinking about driving these with a speaker amp. The HE-Adapter sets the impedance of the HE-500 to match 8 ohms, which is especially important for tube speaker amps, and because it's balanced, it will also work for speaker amps that do not have a shared ground. See this for more details:


It is true in the case of the MiniX that you can get away with a $20 cable setup, but it limits you to solid state, common grounded speaker amps. Of course the Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable is balanced and you can use it with a balanced headphone amp that takes 4-pin XLR.


Shipping only in US. PayPal only. Headphone stand in pictures not included.

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