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So I haven't bought a new iem's in a while. I have been using my ety h3's for years with my iphone, but just switched to a galaxy note 3 and I find them sounding too flat and unexciting. I don't know, with the iphone, their detail was just more exciting (I am sure that is because the iphone is a slightly better music player then the note imho). So now I am looking for something else and have been going crazy reading review after review and post after post including the gift guide and the headphone list. I am basically looking for a iem that:


1. is around $100-$150.

2. with a mic

3. Is easy to drive as my note doesn't have the loudest volumes and I want to use without an amp

4. Something with a little(but not huge) low end or more warm sounding than my ety's to make up for what the note is lacking. I am not typically a bass head, but I may need a little more with this phone.

5. Finally something not too bulky...that phone is big enough in my pocket...


I listen to: A lot of Jazz (mostly classic and mostly instrumental but some vocal), and rock (mostly classic all era's and instrumental jam bands and funk)


What I have been looking at:

1. Phonak Audeo PFE122 - I am afraid these might be too similar to my ety's also, some review say it needs an amp to shine.

2. RHA 750i - they get good marks, but look very bulky

3. Rock it R-50m - They get good marks too, but not much bass and they are 31ohm impedance. Does that mean they will be hard to drive?

4. The v-moda vibrato - They are supposed to be able to handle being played at high volumes and seem to get some good reviews. However, they don't seem to be being made anymore or I am just having a hard time finding them. They are on sale through accessory jack on line (from hong kong), but that's the only place i can find them. 


I know this is lot and I am being very finicky, but if there is anyone who has had any experience with any of these or has any other suggests (I am very open to them), I would REALLY appreciate the help. 


Thank you!