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SRH-940 Replacement Time

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Well, around the middle of last year, I bought myself a pair of SRH-940s; they replaced a set of ATH-M50s that I loved literally to death... the things were just starting to fall apart from how much I used them.  I absolutely love the 940s, a lot more so than my old M50s... I do miss the low-range drive a bit, but the sheer resolution of these things is amazing for a pair of closed-back cans.  I don't know what people are referring to when they say there's "no bass" - it's definitely there, so I'm sorry you don't find it overpowering enough, though I can't say I'd be happy if it dropped back any further.  It's all about quality over quantity with these things.


Unfortunately, the problem of cheap production materials is rearing its ugly head, and I'm facing the cracking swivel joints situation I've read a lot about... I guess I was hoping they'd done something about that by the time I bought mine.  Granted, I wear my headphones near 24/7, but still, I'm a bit disappointed.  Rather than send them back and forth to Shure, I'm actually thinking about buying a new pair to replace them with.


Now, I'm here with the same old question:  I love both the M50's for their low-range impact, and the SRH-940s even more for their sheer amount of detail.  I'm obviously a fan of closed-back cans, due to isolation; being a college student, I don't have a massive budget, and also don't really want everyone around me to hear what I'm listening to, nor do I really want to hear them, either.  I have $300 to put into this.  Can anyone make any recommendations?  I'm not looking for an improvement, per say, but maybe a compromise between the two pairs I've already owned?  Like I said, I don't mind the 940's mild bass, but is there anything out there that can offer the same amount of resolution with a bit more power in the lower frequencies?


I've looked around at Beyer, Denon, Sennheiser, and just about every other company out there, but without someone's first-hand opinion, it's hard to differentiate between things.  Any tips?  I'd probably buy a pair of AKG K551s right now, were that pair not the most massive head-ornament anyone's ever engineered.


TL;DR:  Can you recommend something like the Shure SRH-940s with more driving bass without sacrificing resolution, and maybe a bit more durable, for $300 or under?


Much appreciated!


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...I think I just found it in the SRH-1540s.  I'm going to be saving nearly double my budget for that, but oh well... I've got a nice pair to keep me until that time.

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