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Akg q701 vs hd598 vs Fidelio X1 vs dt-990 pro

Poll Results: Akg q701 vs hd598 vs Fidelio X1 vs dt-990 pro

  • 15% (4)
    AKG Q701
  • 3% (1)
  • 65% (17)
    Fidelio x1
  • 15% (4)
    Dt-990 pro
26 Total Votes  
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Shopping for at home, open back non portable cans that will used for music and gaming.
This list is compiled from budget, various review from head-fi and http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-update-2-20-2014-boompro-list-chicoloms-faq-added#user_v-moda_boompro

I want a set of cans that work really well with gaming.
I have the v-moda m100 that are my multi purpose headphones.
I want something I can have a little more fun with. Pair with a tube amp. Right now I have a o2 and Odac, UCA222 and Astro Mix amp. I have my I eye on something like the http://www.amazon.co.jp/CarotOne-ヘッドフォン-プリアンプCarot-One-FABRIZIOLO/dp/B007QL3O2M/ref=sr_1_sc_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1393868068&sr=8-7-spell&keywords=Carrotone
Or even getting into some DIY with a bravo v2.
I live in japan, so budget gear is limited.

I am on vacation in the USA right now and going back to Japan in 8 days. All of the cans I have listed except the hd598's are 50 to 250$ more in japan. Some store are selling the X1 for nearly 500$. Ridiculous.
Also the x1's will work with my vmoda boom mic. But this isn't really a huge deal.

I listen to mostly IDM but have found myself branching out a lot more lately and listening to more acoustical stuff recently thanks to my new (budget) audiophile set up.

I'm sure you guys will say "why aren't you considering xxxxxxx?"
That's fine, just please add (for example) "because the xxxxxx are more fun and xx$ cheaper right now"

Edit: really leaning towards the dt 990. New for 150 right now.
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The dt990 has a sharp treble that many people, including me don't like.


The Philips x1 is the easiest to like. Its general sound signature is kinda like the dt990, big bass, laid back mids, but its treble is much smoother.


Keep in mind the hd598 and the q701 are bass light. Dance music may not be the best thing to play with them.

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Everything you've listed should work great with gaming. The DT990 does have some treble spikes, as b0000 said. And although the price is very attractive, I've seen a lot of people buy it then dislike it... so just keep that in mind.


On the other hand, almost everyone seems to like the X1 and HD598. The Q701 is also a great choice. So I say play it safe and get one of the other three... especially cos if you move back to Japan, you won't be able to return it or anything.

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Have had all but the DT990's, kept the X1's.


The HD598's were great but I kept my AD700's over them as they weren't worth the price difference at the time, though I'd consider another pair. They were obviously less bassy but overall solid.


The Q701 screamed "amp me!" but all I had was a crappy little pocket amp, can't even remember the model, and they definitely lacked with that. The soundstage was great but not as comfortable with the bumps on the headband and overall just felt like they were missing something.


The X1's are exactly what you are looking for and sound absolutely fantastic with electronic/dance/techno style music, i'm sure rap and r&b would be great but that's not my thing. Gaming is great, the bass puts it on the fun side but my ultimate #1 use for them is with my Astro Mixamp for competitive gaming with buddies on 360 and they excel, even winning me over from the AD700s which are what I've used for over a year now. I have switched back and forth since returning the Q701s (and MA900s) but always seem to find myself forgetting to switch back over to the AD700 when I've got the X1's on.


Couple the bass and soundstage/accuracy with the ease of swapping in the vmoda boompro for gaming (with built in mic, mute switch and volume dial) and there isn't anything I've tried that competes.


The AD700s and MA900 were both completely suitable and had I gotten the MA900s for a better price than the $250 on Amazon they were priced I might have kept them too as they sounded great for everything, while certain metal/rock songs on the X1's are somewhat lacking in comparison, but I wanted to keep only one pair at this point (already owned the AD700 and they really aren't worth enough to sell at this point) so the X1's won out for overall gaming performance, musicality and ease.

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Thanks for all the advice.
If I get the x1, I have to decide in about two days. All the other I can fid in japan for a decent enough price.

Man.... There is a similar thread about gaming cans, and everyone says stay away from the X1.
Sme guys really hate the fact you can't replace the earpabs and the Phillips doesn't have a spare part shop like Beyer.

Edit: the more I think of that as reasons to not get a grate set of cans is dumb. I had my a40s for five years. Nothing broke. If they break and no replacement, I just buy a new better pair of something.
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I have both the X1 and Q701. Both have wide soundstages, though the Q701 is slightly larger. The Q701 is better for acoustic and orchestral music due to its more emphasized treble. It's lighter than the X1 and the uncomfortable headband can be easily fixed by velcro-ing some padding to it, and after modding it I think it's more comfortable than the X1. The X1 has a warm signature with a big bass especially the mid-bass, it's a very smooth and non-fatiguing sound. The Q701's bass has good extension but is a bit thin, this can be easily modded to bump it up slightly without affecting other frequencies, though it won't come close to the quantity of the X1. The biggest drawback of the X1 is that the pads are non-replacable, some people view this as a deal breaker.
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I don't think you'll have a problem with the pads on the x1, to me they were very comfortable
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Thanks for the input everyone. Bought the x1 for a lot of different reasons, but input from this thread helped!
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Originally Posted by gr34td3str0y3r View Post

Thanks for the input everyone. Bought the x1 for a lot of different reasons, but input from this thread helped!

Nice congrats man and don't forget to post your impressions!

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