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IEM Upgrade Help

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Hi people,


I currently got a pair of ZA Basso's which I love but the driver flex is becoming a huge issue for me so I think I may as well upgrade them.

I only listen to Trance and Techno (mostly 138bpm+) and my choices currently are VSonic VSD1 or Audio Technica CKX9.

Are there any other IEMs suitable for me under £80 or will either of those do me fine and not be below the Bassos?



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i can't really comment on budget iems, but you should ask joker here:


I've heard the nuforce ne700, and it's quite good for electronic music. The klipsch s4 si too sibilant. The hf5 is too bass light. That's the extent of my iem experience. :o

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Thanks will ask him :)


Anyone else?

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I had tried the ckx9is for awhile but returned it because the mids/highs were too recessed compared to the bass for me (and much more bassy than the Vsonic gr07be). The bass on the ckx9is is strong, detailed, and extends into the sub bass. It's really the strength of the ckx9is. The build on this is superb. It's an ear bud/ ear phone hybrid so it's quite comfortable but the isolation is below average. The stems running from the housing to the strain reliefs stick out of your ear so no lying down sideways on a pillow.

I have not tried the vsd1 but based on the gr07 I'm going to get a pair for working out. I'm not sure if this is the case with the vsd1 but getting a good tip seal with the gr07 can be problematic and it makes a big difference to the sound quality.

+1 on asking joker
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Another choice is Phillips S1 or like b0000 suggested nu force 700

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