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For Sale:
Little Dot 1+ with Many Tubes and Audiopoutine cDAC+ (LD1+ Sold, still have cDac+)

Will Ship To: US

I bought these from a head-fier not too long ago and can use cash instead.  I would prefer to sell them as a pair but will let them go individually if there is no interest in them as a set.


Little Dot 1+ in excellent condition - $old  - with:

- Telefunken EH900s

- Tung Sol 6AK5s

- Western Electric 408As

- Voskhod 6ZH1Ps

- Mitcham Mullard CV580s

- RCA 6AK5s

- GEC CV4014s


- OPA2107 (2)

- Dual OPA627APs with dual to mono adapter


Audiopoutine cDAC+ - $80 Shipped - Same as the ODAC with an external power supply.  This keeps the power cleaner than going through USB power like the ODAC does.

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