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A short introduction, and looking for my next day to day headphone for under 200$

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Hi everyone,


My first post here, so I decided to just combine everything into one. 


I've been a professional sound engineer for the past 10 years, so sound is where I'm at. However I've only recently realised I've never spent ANY time thinking about the headphones I use, which ones I should use and how... 


Unfortunately now that I have, I can't get myself out of this. I started lurking around r/headphones and decided it was finally time to show up here.


Here's a short list of headphones I used, or still use and my thoughts. The reasoning being, I'd like to upgrade and give you guys an idea of my tastes.


Sony V300, probably my favorite day to day headphone. Nice clear forward (but not too harsh) highs, and a nice punchy bass. Wore these daily despite having to buy new ones each year because the plastic would either break or bend. Granted I wore them in rain, snow, hail, -20 or +30C weather... The cable was also indestructible. 


Sony V6, my working headphones, especially when I know I'll be wearing them for a while. Nice balanced sound. For my new headphones, I'd prefer a tad more bass extension and a tad more high-end sparkle/air and less sibilance. 


AKG K81 DJ, Great sound, loved them straight away, a very similar colour to the V300s, perhaps even a bit less coloured. These would've been perfect if they weren't as tight around the head. Also these didn't fit me at all. Fully extended I still couldn't get the cups to sit over my ear. Now, I don't think I have a huge head (this is the first time it has happened) but I can't find anyone else complaining about this. Did I get a children's model? Returned them unfortunately and swapped them for the Sony XB400.


Sony XB400, WAY too much bass. They're a balance disaster. Good bass extension, but a huge low mid hump and it just overpowers all the mids and highs. 


Sennheiser HD25, My DJ-ing headphones. Nice bass, but a little too harsh in the high end and maybe not comfortable enough to be day to day.


Sennheiser Momentum On Ear (just listened to these at the store, didn't buy them) Nice bass and mids, but the high end was very weird. Didn't seem too clear.


Philips SHE8000 Bought these in-ears for hiking and workouts. They were recommended and aren't half bad given the price. They have a hi-mid bump I don't like but I found an EQ setting that kinda works. These will be getting replaced by the Shure SE215 I ordered recently. 


So in general my preferred tonal balance is a nice, forward tight bass with soft but clear and defined highs. Not looking for flat, but for "fun". I'd also like to be able to really turn them way up and not feel like I'm pushing nails into my ears...


I listen to all of these using my iPod Nano, going through a PA2V2. It seems to bring a bit more clarity to the sound, which works for the XB400 and should work for the Shures, but it doesn't do too good for the V6s and Sennheisers which makes them a bit too bright for my taste. My next project will be the Objective2 amp. 


Music wise, It goes from rock and indie to bass heavy electronic music. Not really much classical or jazz here.


So all that said, I've scoured the internet reading reviews and descriptions and seemed to have come up with a shortlist of headphones to either try out (which is kind of difficult around here) or order. 


AKG Q701 (might be a bit too bulky)

Audio Technica ATH-ES700 (would probably have to get these straight from Japan, but I like their size)

Audio Technica M50

Beyerdynamic DT770 (also a bit on the too large side)

Onkyo ES-FC300

Sennheiser HD6 MIX

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 (Most upper range of my budget. Not sure if worth the extra cash)


Thanks everyone!

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I've just been reading around and it sounds like the V-Moda M80 could also be an option.

Although I just be cutting from the list, not adding! smily_headphones1.gif
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open or closed? The q701 is an open phone, meaning people around you will hear your music. Best used indoors. Also it is bass light.


As for closed headphones, nad hp50, alpha dogs, focal spirit one, sennheiser momentum over ear(maybe). The m80 is excellent, but long term comfort and isolation is only so-so.


For open headphones, philips x1. he400 (if you can stand sibilance).


You should ask around on these threads for help on closed/portable phones.




are in-ears out of the question?

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Oops, yeah completely forgot about that... I think for the moment I'd prefer closed. Not as much for the people around me, but also for the isolation. Although I wouldn't need too much of it.

Q701 bass light? I was under the impression there was more of it than on the K701 (which I've heard and seemed pretty bass light.) I guess that shows how much one can take away from reviews. smily_headphones1.gif

Most of the closed ones you mentioned were on my list at one point or another but got removed for whatever reason. Looking back, I think it had to do with feeling they were all a bit over budget and that I could still find a decent pair for a bit less.

As for in-ears, I'm not too crazy on sticking stuff in to my ears. It couls be because I've only had experience with cheap buds, but I'm hoping the Shure Se215 will fill the need for now.

Thanks for the threads! I'll read up in the meanwhile!
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I do suggest a 300 dollar budget for closed phones. Many of the good ones are around that price point.

The q701 might have marginally more bass than the k70x. The k702 anniversary edition though definitely has more bass because of the new memory foam earpads.
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I can understand that a 300$ budget is what can bring a very good quality headphone. However as a day-to-day headphone I'm looking for something that will be put through its paces.

For example, I'm currently loving the V-Moda M80. It fits all of my requirements in terms of durability, strong cable, nice case and in terms of sound. I don't mind the on-ear fit, this is not really meant for comfortable home listening. (That's coming later). However, it's still a stretch in terms of budget but I'm getting closer everyday to pulling the trigger on them, mostly because there aren't any quite like them.

I seem to have strayed a bit from my original post. While I didn't quite know what I wanted, it seems clear now I would like a nice portable and durable outdoor headphone. Most of the obes I listed would be great for long term home listening (something I can only do with the Sony V6 at the moment).
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If you won't mind the on ear fit, the m80 is an excellent phone. They're built like a tank and the sq is really good.
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