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Portable, full-ear, lower-tier headphone : recommandations ?

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I'm looking for a replacement set of headphones for my 6 years old 50$ Sony's.


I have started reading through the models compare shootout from the forums. Not done yet, but getting a lot of infos from there.   Still curious to get some direct opinions.


But here's the catch : I have a lot of expectation/restrictions. 


- I'll use those headphones mainly in the bus and subway : lots of ambiant noises and a lot of people standing around me with whom I do not wish to share my music...

- I listen to rock / metal music.  Bass is not my only priority :)

- I hate "in-ear". 

- I'm done with "Noise cancelling".

- I have a HUGE head.  Like.... HUUUUGE... I mean, no helms/caps ever fit my head and my logitech gaming headset barelly reaches my ears...

- I listen to music on my Android phone, using PowerAmp app (comes with some sets of equalizers)

- I expect to pay 70 to 100$ (Canadian $)..... or so.....

- I'd prefer "not-too-huge" designs.





Up to now, here are some models I've considered :

- Sennheiser hd 335s  -->  Seems perfect, a little bit over my budget, but not too much. But afraid of the comments of people saying it's too tight on the head (my big head...)

- Sony Xtra Bass models --> (actually triied them in a Sony Store).  Super-comfortable.  The extra bass effect isn't what I'm looking for though.

- Sennheiser hd 218  -->  Very nice...except... I've read on forums that the head band is super-cheap and breaks easilly.

- Sony mdr-v55  -->  Overall.... a winner at this point.  I think



Thouhts ?




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If you are willing to stretch the extra $10 look into the Audio Technica ATH-M40x's. They are currently on pre-order and will be released on the 18th. I'm sure they would fulfill your expectations. Including your head ;) . 

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