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For Sale: FS: ALO PanAm and tubes

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For Sale:
FS: ALO PanAm and tubes

Will Ship To: USA

Hey guys-


I have been on a buying binge as of late, and as a result I am selling some items to fund them. I am selling my ALO Audio PanAm Amp/DAC which I bought on August 30, 2013. I have also invested in some extra tubes, including the often sought after Mullard ones. I have around 100 hours of listening on the PanAm, and it's a *superb* match for my Audeze LCD-2 headphones. This is the best bargain of a DAC/Amp going for the desktop, for sure.


Here is what is included:


1 x ALO Audio PanAm DAC/Amp in black

All boxes and manuals included

1 x pair of OEM tubes that came with the unit (about 15 hours of use)

2 x pair of Mullard tubes (about 85 hours of use on the installed pair, and other pair is unused)

1 x pair of Cifté tubes (unused)


I hate to sell this, but my desk is starting to look like I have an addiction to audio gear (I do). So it's time to sell. $400, including shipping in the USA. USA only purchases, please.

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That's a heck of a deal you got there. I wish I had the extra funds because at this price this thing would have been gone!! Unless you want to trade an practically new HE-400 and Fiio E12 of course ;) 









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PM Sent.

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