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New Headphones

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Hello guys,


I previously had a pair of sony ndr-v55 which I was quite happy with  although I'd really appreciate if they had a bit more bass. Unfortunately I dropped them and they broke so know I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones.


I generally listen to any genre of music apart from blues,jazz or country. Sometimes I will listen to some classical/movie soundtracks music but I mostly listen to heavy-metal,electronic,edm,dubstep. Loud music in general so I would like my headphones to be able to give this wow feeling when it comes to bass but without distorting the rest of the frequencies.


I'd really like them to be durable so that I can easily throw them in my bag and be ready to go.

Also I am not a professional I don't do any recordings or anything so I don't need my headphones to give me the pure sound as it comes out from the source. I will also be using them while commuting to work so they can't be very bulky and heavy.


I was looking at the v-moda LP / LP2 because they are very durable they look nice and they have really nice bass but a lot of people say that they are only good with bass but nothing else ?


Price range £100-£160


Any suggestions would be really helpful 


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lol that is a little early for bump


sennheiser hd380

audio technica m50x

sennheiser hd26 pro

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How is the bass on the m50x ? The hd26 pro are a bit out of my price range.

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Originally Posted by kimon89 View Post

How is the bass on the m50x ? The hd26 pro are a bit out of my price range.

I just tossed some options there at you because I saw the bump. Never heard it but saw it around here and i am interested in it. 


The one I can vouch for is the 380 and its bass is really good. Its a great all a rounder for sure. I regret selling mine for only 75 bucks. it whoops the vmodas as well and the bass beats the old audio techinica m50 too that I have heard.

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