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For Sale or Trade:
MS1000 & 2005 Beyerdynamic DT770 Premium 250 ohm

Will Ship To: USA

I have a pair of 2005 250 DT770 Premiums, and a pair of Woodied MS1000's. I traded for the MS1000's recently here, and have only had them for two weeks. I bought the DT770's off of ebay a month back to see if there was much difference between the premium and the pro versions of them, which there is kind of. I do not know how many hours were put on the DT770's, but they were used in on office setting by the prior person and they seem pretty well taken care of. Only a few light scratches on the left can, and the earpads are still good, but the headband may need replacing soon because it is degrading. The MS1000's are in great condition with minimum use since I was not a fan of the sound signature. I am mostly looking to sell these two in order to buy a set of open AKG's, since I miss the AKG sound signature, and haven't tried an open AKG yet. Feel free to throw out trade offers though, as I am interested to hear other headphones. Thanks for looking!


DT770's: SOLD
MS1000: SOLD


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