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For Sale: DNM Reson Speaker Cables (V1 - 'Vintage')

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For Sale:
DNM Reson Speaker Cables (V1 - 'Vintage')

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought these new from a UK cable source when I was studying in Dublin about 9 years ago. They're still great--genuinely classic speaker cables.


These are exceptionally long--about 3 meters it seems. They were terminated with the DNM bananas by the authorized vendor--at a time when the cable was $90.00/meter.


I should note, the thin plastic leads going from the ribbon to the plugs has become brittle and has cracked in some places. HOWEVER, the solid-core wire to the plugs is still in perfect shape. I had the cracked areas wrapped in electrician's tape for the last couple of years, but I've removed it so that the cable connections can be seen.


I'm asking $75.00, inclusive of shipping and Paypal fees. I have an M^3 & Sigma 11 amplifier combo for sale as well, and would be willing to combine the items for a sweet deal.


My archived feedback:


I will consider selling to International headfiers, but you must contact me about the cost of shipping and the time of delivery.

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The asking price for these speaker cables has been reduced.

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Spring Break (mine) price reduction. I've got a week to get outstanding projects done. The timing would be good to package and mail these speaker cables.

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If you still have these, let me know, I might be interested.



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Thanks for asking, Switherton. The DNMs were sold. Kind regards.

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