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For Sale:
M-Audio Delta 66 24/96 6-in/-6-out PCI sound card

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling this M-Audio Delta 66 sound card. It was just pulled from my PC and works perfect. It is a complete package, Rev D board, Breakout box, cable, original box/manual/software, and as a bonus, I am including four TRS>RCA adapters to make it easy to use with home stereo equipment. 

It has 4 analog outputs (2 stereo pairs) and 4 analog inputs as well as a digital coax in/out. 


Although this is an older card, it has perfectly stable Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) drivers. There are no official Windows 8 drivers, but most report that Win 7 drivers work fine in Win 8. I believe this particular unit was manufactured in 2005. Asking $65 shipped to CONUS. Contact me about shipping to other locations and I may consider it. 


I've sold here before, but it was before the current feedback system. I have excellent feedback at Ebay, Audiogon, Polk Audio forum, and DIYmobileaudio forum. My username is always the same.


Actual Photos attached.

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