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I don't why I've skipped over the Pico Slim, but everyone has very high recommendations for it.  


I'm incredibly sensitive to hissing.  In fact, if there is a any hiss at all on my preferred volume, I can't listen to my music.  


Here is my experience from what I've listened to with sensitive IEMs - JH16, FitEar Togo 334, F111, Tralucent 1Plus2, Shure SE846, FitEar F111

- On the desktop side, only the Woo Audio WA7 has been hiss free (with the stock Russian tubes and IEM jack)

- On the mobile side, any portable amp by Ray Samuels, the Alo International, Meier Audio Quickstep, HeadAmp Pico, Centrance products, and the JDS Labs C5D