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  Greetings, Audiophiles! I had been using my 2006 iPod earphones (I know, I know... a total dinosaur) until recently, when I lost them. So, I've been looking on forums and informational sites for some help in choosing a new pair of earphones. Since there are so many brands and models available, I have to come here for help. I need earphones -not the ones that go into the ear canal, though- to listen to my daily playlist of varied music genres: rock, jazz, classical, reggae, techno... you name it. So, I can't really tell you if I need bass or treble or whatever, I just want to enjoy my music. The point is, I want the best quality for under $30. Here is what I've came up with:




  I'm trying to avoid mainstream brands like skullcandy, beats, apple, etc... because they usually compromise quality for advertising.

  I would really appreciate your opinion on these and/or additional suggestions.


Thank you very much in advance!