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For Sale or Trade:
Mad Dogs 3.2 + Schiit Asgard 2 - COMBO TRADE

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Checking on interest in trading these either as a combo or just the headphones. I love both but am always looking to try new things, especially a good pair of open headphones.


I'll consider any trades though - headphones, earphones, DAPS etc. - just want to get a sense of whether anyone would be interested in this and what they would consider offering. The only things I'm not interested in are portable amps at the moment.


I'd be interested specifically in, (+/- cash as necessary):



Hifiman HE-500/HE-400

Alpha Dogs

Sennheiser HD700

Fidelio X1


Will also consider selling both although trading is preferred. You can send an offer via PM if interested in buying.

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