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For Sale:
Garage1217 Project Starlight in Mint condition

Will Ship To: ConUS

Up for sale is a Starlight hybrid Tube/Opamp output amp by Garage1217. Starlight is a Tube / Opamp hybrid capable of rolling opamps as well as countless 6 & 12V dual triode tubes. 


I bought it in early January but am looking to upgrade to the Project Ember by garage1217. The amp has 34 months of warranty left which is transferable and I have confirmed that with Jeremy from garage1217. 


I bought this fully upgraded version of the Starlight for $189 in January. I will include everything that came with the amp. My (and soon to be yours) starlight has an orange LED and black volume pot.


As you can see in the output stage pictures there are two sockets next to the pot for adjusting the tube bias. I have myself rolled a lot of tubes and the amp sounds awesome. I was not really looking to sell but I recently bought a pair of Beyer T1 and need the ember to run them properly.

The amp also has a built in voltmeter for adjusting tube bias voltage and can run 6 or 12 volt tubes.


Output resistance is selectable between 2.5 and 70 ohms. The manual and schematic are available at They have the best customer service I have seen till date and Jeremy is an excellent person to communicate with.



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