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For Trade: WTT: V-Moda M-80 for Grado SR-80i

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For Trade:
WTT: V-Moda M-80 for Grado SR-80i

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I want to trade my V-moda M-80's for a pair of SR-80i's. I decided that I far prefer the Grado house sound over all I've heard so far (bar Etymotic) after I auditioned most of the line-up on my trip to New York. 

Aesthetically, the M-80's are in nearly perfect condition, and the case and two cables it came with are also included, but the warranty and box are not, as the man who had these before me has lost them. 

As to the functionality, there is one problem. The left channel is unresponsive (unless if you move the jack around) because the input component and PCB have a bad connection. I lack the necessary soldering skills to remedy this problem, proof being the KSC75 that I decimated. Hence, my father took care of soldering the PCB, but, he did use Gorilla Glue afterwords to keep the two parts together just in case the solder wasn't enough. However, the problem has come back, and I am scared to death of working on these. Hence, I would rather trade these for cans at a lower tier, and the SR-80i would be great for a trade. 


Other thoughts:

- I did a small mod where I covered one of the vents on each cup with electrical tape to change the sound. The result? More detail, punchier bass, a more sparkly treble. The mod is very easy to remove, so it's up to you to keep it or not.

- The red and black cable's button does not work

- Hardwiring these seems to be a good idea

- There is a short scratch on the right cups's shield

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