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Fidue, New IEM company from china with some promising models including a Hybrid design.

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Hello Headfiers


Again, I shall be announcing a new brand called Fidue, they have been mentioned in the Chinese models thread, but I think they deserve a thread of their own as their products seem very promising and it would be great to have a feedback thread.


Fidue are a new brand, brought to my attention by Robin at Hifiheadphones, as I went over and he had them on his desk and we proceded to open them and give them a listen.


The first model that grabbed our attention were the AF63, a IEM priced around $55 and with great SQ, a fairly balanced sound with a slight boost in the lows but with very well detailed mids and also not too recessed highs, a good all rounded for the price.


Next up is the AF81 which comes with a very luxurious package, this IEM is priced at around $299 so that brings it in to some tough territory, and how well do they hold up? Well personally I think there is better for the price, the AF81 has quite big and impactful lows, the could however be better controlled, the mids are nicely detailed and clean, and the highs are well extended but could also be slightly more refined too, it does however have a big spacious sound, quite an exciting and engaging sound. The fit however takes a while to get used to.


So that is a quick guide to the 2 models that have released so far, I will be reviewing them in full soon, as I received both models from Fidue for review.


Also they posed on their facebook page, that they are developing a Hybrid IEM with dual BA and single DD driver design, and after talking to them about the fit of the AF81, they have said they are working to overcome that problem with the hybrid model (as a few people commented on the slightly awkward fit of the AF81) so the hybrid model looks great and very interesting, I will be getting it to review also.


Fidue AF63 Review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/708358/review-fidue-af63





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My question is a tough one. If the AF81 is that pricey, and from multiple places sounds over priced, then how much will the hybrid cost? Factor in three drivers vs. one in the AF81 including the added cost of armatures and their(most likely) obvious opinion that it will be better and should cost more. Of course how good will it be? A fail if only good as the DN1000 and yet they want $399 for it.


Sounds like the cheaper models are real nice including the 31, 32, and 63 but the pricier offerings need to do more than look great(which I felt the AF81 did). A tough sell vs. the DN1000, DN2000, Sony H3 and other hybrids.

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You have a good point there, we shall see how it fairs against some of the stiff hybrid competition that has been released recently, and it will be interesting to see how they will price them.

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I was thinking of getting one from the brand after reading joker's impressions but I don't know if i'm willing to commit.

I have too many headphones/iems that I'm not using atm and they're kind of making a mess in my room right now :S

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I highly recommend the AF63 as a kick around budget pair with good sound and build quality. I really like how they tuned the AF63 with great vocal detail and full bodied lows, and highs that extend nicely and have some sparkle.
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Joker mentioned the AF63 have some sharp edges that compromise comfort.  Has anyone else found this to be true?

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To be honest I can get the AF63 in pretty deep with no discomfort at all.


I use bi flanges with them also, so to me the comfort is great, others mileage may vary.


The AF81 is the most awkward IEM to get a good fit, took me ages,

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Updated with link to AF63 review

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Was the a81 burned in enough 😁
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It is now. Will write the A81 review soon enough. Not got time for the next few weeks as I'll be training to be cabin crew.
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Is it organic sounding 😖
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If that's the case then I'll buy one..
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Well sort of, not as organic as Final Audio Design, but still a natural listening experience.

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Maybe better the gr07BEs
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Has anyone tried the $40 Fidue A32?  It appears very small and is available in girlfriend friendly colours.  Any word on the sound signature/quality?

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