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For Sale:
Asus Essence One (Muses Edition upgrade)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is an Asus Essence One (upgraded to Muses Edition) DAC/Preamp/Amp. The device is in excellent condition.


4 Muses01 have been installed in the IV section (value 65 EUR x 4) and 2x AD825 installed at LPF to add bass impact and depth, also 2x LM49990 in the headphone section (arguably one of the best OPAMPS in the market right now including the extra LME49710HA). Didn't have the possibility to test it paired with another amp from the RCA outputs but enjoyed it immensely straight from the 6.3 mm HP out paired with my HD800.

Personaly found the AD825 to better suit my HD800. Previously used a Dacport LX and a Portaphile 627 to drive the HD800 but the E1 was a 

remarkable upgrade in all aspects, despite the already excellent Portaphile. Soundstage size and depth coupled with an even more engaging 

signature compared to the Portaphile were the best add-ons to the signature of the HD800. 


Didn't have the possibility to compare to other high-end equipment and hope I will not be sorry for not testing the RCA out directly to a high-end amp.


Also will be included the following OPAMPS:

- The original 6x LME49720NA
- A Pair of TCO99 metal-caped dual mono LME49710HA
- A Pair of LT826


Will try to help with custom declarations info for EU member countries or other one that do have restrictions.


Please contact me via PM for any other info.


Now open to interesting trades:



portable amps or dacs,


full sized amps,

pc hardware items

nice chicks

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