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For Sale: FS: Stax SR-Alpha Pro

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For Sale:
FS: Stax SR-Alpha Pro

Will Ship To: Anywhere

SOLD! Thank you all for your interest.


Hi all, I've dug up another pair of Stax I'd like to pass on, this time a set of SR-Alpha Pro. It shows its age and use though overall it's in great shape and performs without issues sonically. The headband is rather stiff due to age and the foam in front of the diaphragms is all but gone, though the foam on the backside of the drivers shows no signs of deterioration. Most importantly, the left strain relief has a small split and one of the conductors is exposed. I can see that one or two strands of wire are severed, but as mentioned, the sound out of the left channel isn't effected. I don't have much in the way of materials on hand at the moment so I'd much prefer to let the new owner affect a better long-term solution than attempt to do what I can to patch up the connection. Don't have original packaging but will pack them as securely as I can. Asking price of $ + shipping + any payment fees. Thanks for looking!

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