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Hello guys !!


I'm new on the forum but I followed some topics of 2013 and it was what made me register and post, share and learn too.


I'll change the capacitors on my Delta Audiophile 192.

So let's parts .. quietly ..


Here is the clean image for best viewing:



Here, the values ??of each capacitor:


And now the questions:


What is the function of each capacitor? The circuit board that was not completely clear to me. 
Being that has 4 inputs and 4 outputs, as follows: 


channel 1 and 2 balanced inputs 
channel 1 and 2 balanced outputs 
channel 1 and 2 balanced direct monitoring
MIDI input and output 
SPDIF input and output


I believe that the capacitors are 22uF coupling/decoupling (some to spdif),
10uF for ADC and DAC,
and larger, 47uF, 100uF, 470uF for power supply.




Remembering the outset that the intention is to obtain maximum transparency in the maximum possible frequency band, the traditional FLAT.


So what googled without considering the black gate capacitors for the current situation of the manufacturer, arrived at the following conclusion:



Thank you for your attention. Give your suggestion.

Excuse my bad english.