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USPS Priority Mail sucks!!!

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 I ordered an ODAC on Friday (2/21) via priority mail. I placed my order at around 6pm so I figured it would not go out until Monday. The ODAC was shipped out on Monday (2/24). It seemed to be making good progress at first but then gets stuck in Greensboro NC for 2 days going in and out of the sort facility. I emailed JDS Labs and they called USPS (JDS Labs has extremely good customer service). USPS gave them a song and dance about bad weather delays (I don't think it has snowed significantly on the east coast for a week or so) and extremely high volume. USPS said my package should be on it's way. Early this morning the ODAC did indeed finally move along to Capitol Heights MD which is about an hour and twenty minutes from where I live. I thought I would receive it today as the ODAC left Capitol Heights @ 1:05am.  Now I'm beginning to wonder. The website still has not updated that it has arrived at my local post office or that it's out for delivery and it's almost 1pm now. This is driving me nuts! The package has taken 5 days at this point to get here. There is an expected snow storm on Monday that will probably delay the ODAC a couple more days. I'm done with USPS. Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get it out.







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Man I have been hearing a lot of bad news through USPS lately. Its the only thing I will ever use. UPS is so expensive if you are not a business, and my packages are always delayed. Fedex always tends to screw something up or use the wretched Fedex Smart Post which is slower than a turtle. DHL, well I only used the once and never will again. Ibasso uses them and I was getting my DX100 from repair, and they failed to deliver my package. I was home all day and they never dropped it off. I never received a slip or anything but the tracking stated "attempted delivery recipient not home" . So I had to make a quick call for them to hold the package at the nearest facility (about 20 miles away) at the end of the day. It just happened to be one of the worst driving conditions of the year as well, because we had an ice storm and all the roads were pure ice.


USPS has been delivering my packages super fast lately. I have been getting priority fast shipping with first class. The only problem is delivery person is lazy as all hell, to the point were I am going to be taking pictures for reporting to make sure packages are dropped off safely. Though I do not really blame USPS for that, just more so the lazy worker.

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I normally have had good luck with them in the past. I order a few things online a month using Priority Mail and its almost never late , and when it is its only a day at most. This time is crazy. The odac didn't come today either. By the time it will get here it's going to four days late, and that's assuming it will come Monday, given the forecasts calls for 4-8 inches of snow here. Most of the time I would not care that much but I was really anxious to try out the odac. Maybe they are cutting staff at certain hubs. I guess it's the luck of the draw. They seem to be decent 95% of the time but that 5% that they suck, they really,really SUCK!

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USPS Express International mail is much worse. It's now called EXPRESS Priority or some other nonsense. Most likely an excuse to let them charge you more and become slower.

It costs $45 to ship a few DVDs to Europe.


I shipped an express mail to a customer (he paid for it) and it took over 7 days to get to Finland!


The Japanese can ship by express to the USA for around $15USD I think...no fair.


I hate Air Mail because if it doesn't arrive you get customers wanting a tracking number (which doesn't exist) and you have no idea where it's at.


The prices of Air Mail are robbery. $9 for 2oz to some countries.


How is it that the post office is losing money?

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This was me a few hours ago, I have since gotten a hold of myself

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Well its Monday 3/3/14 and my ODAC seems to have not moved one inch since very early Saturday morning. It was only an hour and twenty minutes from where I live at 1 AM Saturday morning. If it truly had departed the sort facility it would absolutely be at my local post office. Instead I have a suspicion that "depart sort facility" really means "sitting in a trailer in the sort facility's parking lot".  This is by far the worst shipping experience I have ever had. From reading online it seems to be a wide spread problem with USPS right now. Their "tracking" seems to be deliberately misleading about what the package is actually doing.  "Depart Sort Facility" should mean that it left the sort facility headed towards the next destination. Not sitting in a trailer, or never actually left at all.





Updated tracking info. Not sure why I'm posting it because it hasn't updated at all since Friday night/Saturday morning

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Seven days later the ODAC is finally out for delivery. I had almost given up on it....

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