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For Sale:
FS: Audio-GD NOS-1704 DAC (PCM1704UK chips, NOS DAC, with CS8416)

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have my Audio-GD NOS-1704 DAC for sale. It is working perfectly and in very good, clean condition, though it does has 3-5 small scratches or dings in various spots. They are fairly hard to notice, but I've included a picture highlighting a couple (everything else is dust or a stray hair). I can include a basic power cable if needed. I don't believe you can get these models anymore (fairly limited run, it seems, and DAC chips are supposedly running out). It uses the optional CS8416 for all inputs but input 1/BNC (DIR9001). This allows for a higher sampling rate, though the DIR9001 input offers the lowest jitter.


I am asking for $650 OBO. This will cover shipping (fairly costly with size, weight, and insurance) and PayPal fees. (New price plus shipping, fees, etc. from Audio-GD was ~$950). I'll only ship within the CONUS at this price, though I am willing to negotiate regarding shipping to other areas.


This NOS DAC utilizes the same chips seen in DACs like the Master 7, the PCM1704UK. Personally, I think this DAC has a nice, smooth tone and a fairly detailed and dynamic sound. Compared to the Metrum Quad or Hex, also NOS DACs, I found it to give everything a stronger sense of presence and be a bit more authoritative, darker, and intimate (this intimacy sometimes helped bring out background details). The NOS-1704 does a better job at resolving details than the Metrum products at the expense of not sounding quite as laid-back and effortless (keeping in mind it's still more laid-back than most OS, delta-sigma DACs). It's not uncommon for folks to say NOS DACs sound "more analog" to their ears, but YMMV on that.


Overall, it's a very solid DAC at a good price relative to other NOS DACs in and above its category and price range.


If you need a decent USB->SPDIF converter for the BNC input, which will offer you the best performance, let me know. I have a converter I might be able to bundle in at a reduced price.


You can find the official page for it here:


PM me if you're interested. Thanks!

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