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For Sale:
AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition + Free set of K702/Q701 angled earpads!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey all,


Selling the K702 Annies that I bought from another Head-fi'er here about a month ago, I'm the second owner of this I believe.  The headphones are in excellent shape with no noticeable flaws on them that I can see at all.  It will come with the original box, that little AKG "history" booklet, and the screw-on adapter for the 1/8 inch plug.  Also including FREE with this headphone is a set of near new K702/Q701 black angled pads, so that you can have not only the standard warmer Annie sound to enjoy, but also the original Q701 sound when you feel like it!  Both pads have their own strengths and weaknesses and it's a great option to have if you ever feel like switching the signature up once in a while.  


Asking for $SOLD for this package shipped within Canada and USA.  I'm not necessarily against shipping it to elsewhere in the world, but please note that the price will go up accordingly to however much more it costs to ship to your location.  Not interested in trades at this time unless you have a good condition original white K701 to trade; my sister is looking to get a K701 and she prefers the white/gray/maroon colour of it, so I'm trying to find one for her, lol (none of the Q701's will do, sorry... this colour thing really matter to her, bit silly I know).  If you do have one to trade, then this is a good opportunity to trade up for a superior model in Annies plus still maintaining most of the original K701 sound if you choose to through the standard angled earpads.  Please pay 3% Paypal fee to the amount unless you'd like to pay as gift.  If you are in Toronto, we can work out a local deal and you can save some bucks on shipping.


Anyways, PM me for more details and requests.  Thanks!

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